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OSS (One-stop Safety Solution)

MUSMA OSS(One-stop Safety Solution) monitors various disasters which might occur in the building, daily life and industrial site by using IoT based sensor nod, wireless network technology and intelligent type monitoring system and allows the comprehensive safety control by estimating/preventing the accidents, detecting and notifying real-time risk.

Operation of easy and convenient solution

  • One stop solution using cloud makes solution update through cloud without separate visit procedure during sw update.
  • Reduced initial introduction time by downloading SW mounted with basic type and premium function through clouds.
  • Easy solution quote and payment process
  • When purchasing customizing SW, separate cloud server of relevant customer is built to provide the same benefit.

building of dedicated wireless network

  • Save the cost of building by utilizing LoRaWAN self network of MUSMA’ s technology.
  • Build network by installing One-stop Safety Solution without separate communication network in the place with poor communication infrastructure.
  • Build the optimized communication facility without shadow zone through thorough geographic and environmental analysis
  • Free wireless data by utilizing LoRaWAN which is low power long distance wireless communication.
  • Strengthen information security by building solution dedicated network.

risk situation management

  • Detect, monitor and save real-time disaster factors, and low risk situation control
  • Check work personnel in the zone and notify real time risk in case of abnormal situation
  • Support quick initial response by warning immediately to the situation room and work site in case of abrupt accident due to worker error.
  • Systematic safe environmental control which can judge the risk rating of building by space for intensive control.

Solution process

Real-time sensor detection

When the risk is detected, warn and notify to both manager and worker at the same time.

Detection risk

Always detect danger signs through VOC-flammable smoke / collision detection / leak sensor

Immediate notify/cope with

When the risk occurs, warn and notify to both manager and space of building at the same time, send message to manager.

Data analysis

Save and analyze the information measured through all time detection of sensor

Expectation effect

Major contents before introduction after introduction
Risk Management in Priority control areas
(Enclosed area / access control area)
Individual checking Map based integrated management
Check the attendance of participants Manual checking Real time checking
Real-time personnel and location checking Manual checking Real time checking
Reduced emergency situation delivery time Within 20 seconds Within 5 seconds
Accurate identification of Isolation / Residual people More than 90%
differs depending on the environment of accident site
installation standard
Check the density of harmful gas continuously Check the handy gas sensor after accessing the risk zone Real time remote checking/history management
Detect the collision of crane Distance between two points Mesh time 3D Collider
Business efficiency of environmental/safety manager Check, collect, organize and report of frequent patrol site data. Safety status of solution utilization security monitoring/statistic automation

musma LoRaWAN

MUSMA’s IoT solution enhances the efficiency of business and service through MUSMA’s self low power long distance wireless communication network (LoRaWAN) which is optimized to the 4th industry, allows more quick access to the rapidly changing Things Internet.
1Save communication cost and building cost
2Build the optimized communication facility without shaded zone through thorough geological and environmental analysis.
3Low power and high terminal capacity
4flexibility of service expansion

Introduction case

As a way of integrated infrastructure building for application service providing required in ship building area, we proceed system PoC which monitors the device owned by Daewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering , a demand company.

Establishment of musma LoRaWAN, which boasting excellent performance in shaded area, allows the establishment of integrated IoT platform in shipyard.

Musma LoRaWLAN makes the interlocking of devices (forklift and crane etc) in the shipyard of Daewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering possible, can be utilized to the realization of integrated web service which saves, monitors the air information of enclosed area in the ship yard obtained from environmental sensor as well as real time information of location and operation.

  • Customer: Daewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering•
  • Applied technology: LoRa-based IoT platform interlocking technology• Case Study: Daewoo Shipbuilding &Marine Engineering
  • Shipyard Monitoring System

Industry top class

Data acquisition


Operable terminal

Maximum 0ea

Battery life cycle

the longest 0years

Transmission distance

maximum 0km
Since musma LoRaWAN has the easy scalability, a major characteristic of IoT, it can be utilized to various IoT internet service areas in daily life such as smart city, smart farm and smart building.

Smart city

can be utilized in the smart city utilizing IoT, AI and big data which are core technology of 4th industrial revolution.

Smart farm

able to use the detection device through LoRaWAN for the collection of detection data from farm land or farm. In addition, for the productivity improvement, it can collect data and send to clouds through LoRaWAN, provide the improved productivity through data analysis.

Smart building

It allows the manager to easily monitor the collected data from various sensors in building through musma LoRaWAN, to manage the air quality and energy in the building effectively.

Smart construction

A solution that allows immediate response in case of accident by installing intelligent type CCTV, gas sensor, vibration sensor and fire detection sensor to the enclosed zone and structure of industrial site.

Smart healthcare

This solution allows the data of patients measured by musma LoRaWAN to be monitored in web/mobile environment through server. It assists so that patients can determine the direction of treatment by periodical monitoring, analyze the recover for the quick healing of patients.