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It is a tower crane anti-collision system that is designed to prevent the collision of L type tower crane and T type tower crane.

Self-developed crane motion measurement technology and collision detection algorithm, which have been developed for many years, offer industry top class crane anti-collision system.

Collision danger notice

It detects the motion of crane through sensor, immediately send alarm to operator in case of collision risk

Remote monitoring

Manager recognizes and cope with the dangerous situation through monitoring

Data collection and analysis

Induce the enhancement of work efficiency through real time collection and analysis of data from crane

System composition

Product specification

Division C-One general type
Rotation measurement error < 1 deg
Tilt angle measurement error < 0.001 deg
IPC 12inch 312 x 238 x 86 (H x W x D)
Communication distance 200m 이내

Subject of application

Construction tower crane

#T type crane
#L type (roughing) crane

Shipyard crane

#Goliath Crane
#Transportable tower crane
#Jib Crane

Overhead (ceiling) crane

Harbor cranes


C-One Standard Type C-One Premier Type
Gib rotation measurement
tilt angle measurement(L type)
All-in-one industrial PC
Wireless communication terminal
Warning alarm
SW for operator
wind gauge
CCTV for Crane
Remote monitoring SW

Introduction procedure


location, specification, introduced machine number, hour

Review / Quote

Propose and quote the optimized system specifications that fit the introduced environment

Site installation/commissioning

Measurement of crane coordinates, optimization of installation according to crane type

Introduction / follow-up management

Maintenance and Customer follow-up management